Info Object


The Info object encapsulates a collection of InfoItem objects, each representing an EXIF or IPTC metadata field. An instance of the Info object is obtained via the methods OpenInfo and OpenInfoBinary of the main ASPJpeg object.

For more information on metadata, see Chapter 7 - Metadata Extraction.

Member List


Count As Long (Read-only)

Returns the number of InfoItem objects in the collection.

See also: Chapter 7 - Metadata Extraction.

Item (Index As Variant) As IInfoItem (Read/Write)

This is the default property. Returns a specific InfoItem object from the collection. Index can be either a 1-based integer index (should be between 1 and Count), or an EXIF or IPTC metadata field name, such as "ExposureTime" or "IptcCopyrightNotice". Can also be "TiffPages" to retrieve the number of pages in a multi-page TIFF.

If the index is a field name and this field is not present in the collection, the method will still return an empty InfoItem object with no data and the Tag property set to 0.

See also: Chapter 7 - Metadata Extraction.


This object has no public methods.